Reducing city congestion
Porowini / Tarewa Intersection

Traffic congestion peaked in 2019 on the intersections of Porowini Avenue, Lower Tarewa and Tarewa Roads. Whangarei District Council contracted us to resolve the issue by widening the northern and eastern corners, together with re-configuring the lanes.

The project’s specific goals were to:

  • widen the existing intersection on the northern and eastern corners to increase their capacity for traffic movements and thereby reduce congestion at this location
  • install traffic signals and lane configurations in order to maximise vehicle capacity, while also providing for pedestrians and cyclists
  • provide street lighting in accordance with Twin Coast Discovery Route requirements
  • reconstruct existing pavement to provide a Design Life of 30 years, without the use of granular or lime/cement stabilised pavements
  • minimise disruption to road users and nearby businesses and residents.

United Civil was the main subcontractor for completion of these $2.18m civil works, which included site clearance, earthworks, site preparation; relocation, protection and reconnection of utility services; new stormwater drainage works, new concrete footpaths, traffic signals and construction of structural asphalt road pavements. Relocated utilities were gas, North Power electrical cables, Chorus communication cables, WDC water supply, stormwater and sewer.


  • managing high traffic flow and pedestrians on a road surrounded by commercial properties – some open seven days per week – while completing major civil works
  • installing new traffic signals with upgraded ducting to all
  • laying 6500 tonnes of structural asphalt
  • placing 4200m2 of wearing course asphalt.

These works were completed to the client’s satisfaction, with no lost time injuries. Benefits to date include better vehicle travel times and ease of passage for emergency vehicles; greater road safety for all users; more effective cycle and pedestrian facilities; plus more efficient traffic flow.