Water Infrastructure

Having won multiple New Zealand industry awards over the last five years, United Civil is recognised as a leader in the design and construction of water and wastewater infrastructure. We have significant experience and an excellent track record in the design and build of sewerage pump stations, storage and treatment facilities, transfer mains and in-catchment reticulation.

Recent projects include:

  • the design and construction of a $4m award-winning low pressure (LP) sewer scheme for 190 properties in the Bay of Islands, described by a leading supplier to the industry as perhaps one of the most technically challenging LP systems in Australasia (by virtue of its topography and lack of access);
  • the design and construction of a 1,000,000 litre below (up to 6m) ground emergency storage tank, which incorporated a new sewer pump station along with screening, flocculation and UV disinfection capability;
  • performing a major capacity upgrade to the largest sewer pump station for a city of 55,000 people without any disruption to service, a $2m award-winning project;
  • the construction of an $1.5m upgrade to the UV disinfection capabilities at Whangarei’s wastewater treatment plant; and
  • the construction of a $16m award-winning sewer reticulation project on the northern outer reaches of the Whangarei harbour.

Our management and work teams love to think ‘outside the square’ and routinely develop and implement innovative and cost effective solutions to construction problems that other companies often view as ‘too risky’ to tackle.

We understand the importance of engaging with those communities within which we work and our construction programme and methodologies are developed with a view to ensuring that the safety and convenience of the road user, pedestrian and property owner are not compromised.