Bridging the gap
Maunu/Porowini Bridge

United Civil was asked to rectify a pinch point on a busy Whangarei city bridge, that prevented left turning traffic from exiting the often traffic congested Porowini Avenue.

This bridge is an important network route, that intersects two busy roads – Porowini Ave and Maunu Rd. In addition, there is driveway access to businesses opposite the T-intersection, which often resulted in drivers making numerous turn movements within a small area.

To alleviate the pinch point and bridge the gap between high traffic usage with little traffic access, United Civil resolved to widen the bridge to two lanes along Porowini Ave northbound.

Technology was key to working efficiently and safely. Our GPS recorded all the utility ducts during installation, while the piling was done using the bottom driven method and then checked with a PDA analysis. But there was also plenty of demand for more traditional skill-sets including civil works, carpentry and structural steel tying.

The most challenging part of this $2m project was to manage traffic, pedestrians and access to local businesses while simultaneously undertaking major civil works in a confined site.

Whangarei District Council decided to add bridge strengthening post the June 2019 works start and extended the project’s timeline accordingly, allowing the site’s +20 staff to work at a safe pace.

As always on a busy roading project, good traffic management is critical. Our TMP included dedicated personnel; variable message boards to update road users, letter drops to affected stakeholders, temporary pedestrian footpaths, plus secure barriers protecting pedestrians and site workers.


  • installing 1800 metres of utility ducts/pipes installed
  • laid 500 tonne of structural asphaltic concrete and 1000m2 of asphaltic concrete wearing course
  • installed six bottom driven, reinforced concrete piles to 14 metres deep
  • placing ten 20 metre long concrete bridge beams.