Key Personnel

Our company is led by a team with significant experience in civil engineering construction and is ably supported by our qualified and motivated staff who deliver exceptional value and service to all of our customers.

Meet our people

  • Andrew Campbell

    Managing Director

    Andrew became a shareholder and the Managing Director of the newly formed United Civil Construction in 2006, having worked for the two years prior as a Project Manager and then General Manager of the Contracting Division of United Carriers.

  • Paul Mandeno

    Business Manager, Northland

    Paul has extensive experience in the construction of high value and complex civil engineering works and is United Civil’s most senior Project Manager.

  • Paul Bonetti

    Group Manager, HSQE

    In his role as Group Manager HSQE, Paul is responsible for co-ordinating the development and delivery of health, safety, quality and environmental strategies of United Civil.

  • Lee Clasper

    Contracts Manager, Auckland

    Lee Clasper leads the team of Project Managers and Engineers, responsible for the procurement and delivery of all civil construction projects undertaken by United Civil in the Auckland region.

  • Rob Wilson

    Business Manager, Refining NZ

    Rob has over 30 years of experience in the civil engineering industry in both New Zealand and Australia.

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