Health & Safety

United Civil makes no compromise when it comes to the safety of our staff and of others within our work sites. Our health and safety performance record attests to our success in this regard.

We promote a “Safety First” culture which reflects our belief that all of our employees have a fundamental right to work in an environment where their safety and wellbeing are not compromised. This right extends to being provided with the tools, training and protection to ensure they return safely home at the end of every work day.

All employees are trained in the company’s health and safety policies and procedures. In addition, all employees are provided with specialist safety and first aid training on a recurring basis. For every project, we develop and implement a specific Health and Safety Plan. This is a living document and is reviewed, updated and communicated with the participation of all project staff throughout the course of the project.

Our health and safety system is certified to ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices Tertiary level. We have well-developed supporting systems and detailed procedures that are regularly reviewed to ensure we continue to operate in accordance with industry best practice.