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    Please note that under the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004, you are not required to disclose certain criminal convictions.

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    Medical History

    If you are offered employment the offer is made subject to your obtaining a full medical clearance following the completion of our pre-employment medical. For driver and machine operator positions the pre-employment medical includes a drug and alcohol test.



    I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information supplied in this application and in any resume provided is correct and I understand that if any false or deliberately misleading information is given, or any material fact suppressed, I will not be accepted, or if I am employed, my employment will be terminated.

    I also understand that any false information given in relation to my medical history with regards to gradual process, disease or infection can result in my loss of entitlement for any compensation from ACC.

    I further understand that any offer of employment if made is conditional on my obtaining a full medical clearance through the Company's pre-employment medical, and may include checking my claim history with ACC. *