Keeping Traffic Moving:
Mill/Nixon Intersection Upgrade

The Mill/Nixon Intersection Improvements (Stage 1) was the first of a two-stage congestion relief project on Nixon Street, between the intersections of Kamo Road and Mill Road.

Stage 1 focused on the widening and capacity upgrade of the Mill Road and Nixon Street Intersection. This section of the road network is one of the main routes into Whangārei’s CBD from the city’s northern suburbs.

A large portion of the work involved relocating and upgrading the existing underground services as well as undergrounding the existing overhead services. Other works included the rehabilitation of deep sewer pipework, the construction of reinforced concrete retaining walls, upgraded stormwater/water pipework, footpaths, fences, driveways and a complete renewal of the intersection pavement using bitumen treated basecourse with structural asphalt.

A high level of temporary traffic and pedestrian management was key to minimising stakeholder disruption and making this a successful project. Our project team made this a priority, from assisting the public across the road to changing their work patterns to Sundays or nights to accommodate local businesses.

As a result there was a very good working relationship with the local residents and the travelling public, generating sustainable positive feedback for the client (Whangarei District Council).

Key features included:

  • the logistical challenges associated with maintaining traffic and pedestrian movements in a busy intersection
  • providing access for residents and businesses at all times, while still being able to construct elements of the work that required curing such as concrete driveways and footpaths
  • the use of bitumen treated basecourse as an alternative to a traditional unbound basecourse pavement, providing a better whole of life solution.